Hi, I’m Amber.

I’m an artist and designer living in South Florida.

I use traditional and digital mediums in my work. With a curious mind and a love for learning, I’m always finding new inspiration and techniques to develop.

My biggest muse? Nature of course -with a big emphasis on flowers! My love for flora and fauna has been passed along from my grandma and is nurtured by the lush, tropical beauty of South Florida.

I love to use colorful palettes and distinctive detailed linework to create art that is sophisticated, feminine, whimsical, and joyful. My goal is that through my art others will be encouraged, uplifted, and inspired.

Brand Words

Artistic, bright, clean, colorful, eclectic, feminine, friendly, fresh, happy, loving, playful, welcoming, whimsical, botanical, nature, uplifting, joyful, light, encouraging

Core Values

Joy, honesty, authenticity, respect, gratitude, kindness, love, excellence, creativity, empathy, hope, grace, humility, learning, optimism

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